Can social entrepreneurship play a role in building sustainable communities? Discuss

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Social Entrepreneurship’s Role in Sustainable Communities In the past two decades, ‘social entrepreneurship’ has been a rising concept. Thurik points out to the fact that in the last decade, so many social enterprises have emerged and some disappeared. At the same time, the concept of the viability of social entrepreneurship has been embraced by educational institutions for research marking the great importance of this concept. (Thurik 1) This is rightly so because of the sharp rise in poverty and social injustices awareness. With the increase of broadband internet and personal computers, geographical barriers have been demolished, and people are able to experience what are the challenges of diverse people around the globe. This has prompted numerous individuals to establish innovative ventures that are geared to solving various social problems throughout the world. Social entrepreneurship is thus defined as the act of starting up an innovative enterprise with the aim of addressing a chronic social problem. (Thurik 5) Jeff Skoll had predicted that there is need for restructuring of all business forms in order to achieve meaningful growth with Omidyar adding the fact that the world did not require just corporate responsibility programs bur new programs completely dedicated to social change. (Elkington & Hartigan xii) Currently, social entrepreneurship takes two prominent positions. On the one hand, it is directed at solving the challenges of the marginalized and impoverished communities around the globe. For example, in the developed nations, one of the most persistent problems is homelessness. The cost of rent has

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