Can anyone be a leader?

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Development of Leadership Roles in Business Organizations Name: Institutional Affiliations Introduction Leadership is being at a social position where some people look forward to the person in charge for social influence. A leader has the capability to show people in a community what to do and they obey. Leaders are a part of the team but have more advanced skills or capabilities that the followers do not possess. Becoming a leader means the need to have leadership qualities, and lack of such qualities may disqualify one to be a leader so not everyone can become a leader. Nature of Leadership Leaders should be able to show people what to do through demonstration. A leader is, therefore, ready to take the first bullet whenever things do not work according to the plan made by the leader. Leader’s selflessness is the main difference between a leader and a manager, as the manager may not be able to show people what to do through demonstrating to the followers (Van, 2011). Leaders can be charismatic, transactional of the situation. However, the most important thing is to remember that leaders tend to devise solutions to the existing problems and rallies the people to work together with him towards the solution to the problem at hand. Bass believes that being a leader is the most important role to most people. Leaders get the social recognition, respect, and admiration CITATION Bas00 l 1033 (Bass, 2000). They are considered superior individuals who can influence the course of an action by mobilizing people to work in a given direction. However, the major challenge is the call upon the leader to continuously make constant sacrifices for the sake of the people

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