California water or California Greenhouse gas emmisions

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California Water or California Greenhouse Gas Emissions Student Name Institution Affiliation Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc469423820 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc469423821 h 4Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc469423822 h 5Brief Background Discussion Related to the Topic and Study PAGEREF _Toc469423823 h 6Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc469423824 h 10Test Design PAGEREF _Toc469423825 h 11Results of Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc469423826 h 12Conclusions PAGEREF _Toc469423827 h 18References PAGEREF _Toc469423828 h 19 AbstractResearch shows that the control carbon emissions is imperative for the consequent reduction of the effects of global warming (Leiserowitz, 2006). In California, the rates of carbon emission are very high necessitating the need to effective measures to counter the problem. Furthermore, pollution cuts across the various sectors such as energy, transportation, and agriculture. The ARB was tasked with the mandate of finding solutions through research and innovations. Its response was the creation of a roadmap targeting to have controlled carbon emission by the year 2025 (Greenblatt, 2015). Descriptive statistics and various hypotheses were tested in the analysis to determine the cause and level of greenhouse gas emission. However, the problem is not as simple as the rates of innovations are lower than expected while the demand for a solution is so high. However, the paper demonstrates that there is hope that a reliable solution will be found for the good of all Californians. California Water or California Greenhouse Gas Emissions IntroductionIn California, the concerns for seawater desalinization are high with a total of seventeen proposed

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