California state and Local Gov

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Name Instructor Course Date California State and Local Government Question from Chapter 1. Identify and discuss any five of the ten problems presented by Scarpelli that continue to plague California. Give an example of each. X A number of problems or challenges ranging from different social and economic dynamics have, for a long time bogged the state of California as discussed by Scarpelli. The challenges thus cut across agriculture or agribusiness, energy, transport, economy, population, health among others spanning close to ten challenges. The discussion herein would, however, focus on five challenges that are manifest in Scarpelli’s discussion as influencing the state of California’s well-being. A transportation crisis has lately taken away the pride that Californians initially had on their cars, which were once synonymous with their liberties and sense of happiness. Over time, transportation challenges in terms of congestion have led to instances of road rage by motorists, worsened by the endless periods spent on traffic jams (Scarpelli 8). A rapid increase in population and the number of motorists on the roads have similarly outpaced efforts to address the traffic congestion through expansion of highways capacity or increasing car -pool lanes. Secondly, California has no doubt a very large economy cutting across agriculture, construction, manufacturing, entertainment, finance and real estate among others. Its large population of close to 38 million thus provides a large source of consumers and revenue pool as well in the form of taxes. Complaints have, however, emerged regarding California’s policies on taxation and regulation of the business

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