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caffeine, which is a legalized and unregulated psychoactive substance in the world. Different studies suggest that consumption of caffeine might increase in systolic blood pressure and heart rate in healthy volunteers. This is because caffeine causes vasoconstriction of vascular smooth muscles and stimulates b2-adrenergic receptors of the heart. Likewise, the hospital authorities of Premiere Hospital of Newport Beach (PHNB) were exploring the possibilities of replacing or withdrawing the provision of caffeinated drinks from the OPDs for ensuring patient safety. The hospital authorities randomly collected data from 21 patients belonging to different age groups who awaited clinical consultation in the...



caffeine dose, preventing exposure to sunrays, taking aspirins and engaging in physical exercises. Conclusion In brief, epigenesis can be termed as a process through which environmental factors influence organism’s phenotype and behavior. It occurs above the instructions above DNA, thereby causing differential trait between two identical organisms by altering the changes that do not affect the DNA sequence. It is for this reason that it is considered superior to the genome. Several research studies have established a link between epigenesis and various condition such as diseases. For example, the article by Karachanak-Yankova et al. has pointed out the critical link between epigenesis and...

caffeine in coffee also has the same effect on both sexes but varied when it comes to age. Younger people tend to urinate less compared to the older ones after coffee consumption. Drinking water also affected the urine produced in both sexes but was increased among the elderly. Irrefutably, therefore, the intake of water and coffee plus exercising changes the frequency and urine production across all ages. Discussion From the analysis, the report established that exercising increases the frequency and amount of urine produced within a specified period compared to someone not engaged on the same. Also important to note from the lab observation is the urine concentration which increases during...

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