CA red light camera’s (method of promoting safe driving vs. generating city revenue)

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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Argumentative Essay The California vehicle code (CVC) 21453 (a) represents a vital traffic law that targets at promoting safe driving on the roads. It is essential that drivers observe the rule as it directs on safe driving to caution against landing in compromising traffic situation. Despite the efficiency of the traffic light system in controlling the flow of traffic, the rules affirm the essence of the roads signs and signal in ensuring a driving rationale on the roads (Fleck 46). The CVC 21453 (a) provides a precautionary limitation on drivers to safely drive without infractions or causing unnecessary blocking of other routes. The traffic code is bound to ensuring an orderly flow of traffic while drivers take caution on the roads. Nevertheless, the CVC 21453 (a) represents a drop in the ocean and only accounts as a partial solution to a mega and integrated traffic system problems. The code only addresses a single item concerning adherence to the traffic signs and signals. The issues associated with stopping at the ‘red signal’ constitutes a series of concerns whereby legal interventions are necessary. The CVC 21453 (a) requires the driver to strictly adhere to completely stopping at the flash of the red sign. Arguably, some drivers would temporarily stop which translates to being on standby and hence a violation of the traffic signal (Fleck 47). The violation of the CVC code amounts to a hefty fine to the concerned drivers. The large ocean of traffic concerns also envisions the turn of events regarding proceeding after taking a halt. The driver presumes rational thought while making a way to turn to another

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