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Authors Name: Instructors Name: Course: Date: Case study The case study by Punithavathi Srikant aims to analyze if the sole purpose of internet, an initiative by Facebook, is to serve the bottom of the pyramid. To achieve this, Srikant examines the main reasons behind the launching of the project, the purpose it serves and whether it is a business venture that is depicted as a charity (2). Some of the issues highlighted in the case study include mixing of business with philanthropic activities. Despite the fact that this was an idea with noble intentions, some misinterpreted the initiative and criticized it as profitable venture displayed as charity and, whose sole purpose was to benefit the business and not the markets in the developing countries. The case study also highlights challenges in market penetration for the venture, especially in emerging markets. The target market for this initiative was the developing countries, i.e., India, Indonesia, Kenya, Paraguay, Philippines, Rwanda and Zambia (Srikant 1). These different markets posed different challenges to the initiative. Other problems included “lack of basic infrastructure, low quality of coverage, uneven distribution of wealth, and lagging human capital development” (Srikant 10). Language, increasing awareness, and affordability were other challenges that hit this initiative especially in India where the growth of internet connectivity was slow (Srikant 3). Other issues highlighted in the case study include the external environment issues like competitors. In this case, the initiative left other competitors with no option but to form alliances with the aim of sharing revenues to survive and

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