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Business Studies Name Institution of Affiliation Date Business Studies Business Value Dashboard With its headquartered bases at Campbell, Saama Technologies is one of the companies within the data science and management industry that uses a profound Business Value Dashboard to improve the efficiency of its practices and diverse managerial operations. Key features of the dashboard include; financial projections, projects and progress, service costing, budget forecasts, and business value planning dashboards. Managers at Saama primarily use the various features of the dashboard monitor, to measure and manage the clients' engineering operations in an effective and strategic way – an aspect that, in return, established optimal outputs. Individual contributors use the dashboard to coordinate operational logistics with the management (Wasson, 2015). Today, traditional business report methods are becoming obsolete. They have been greatly replaced by real-time dashboards due to their low efficacy attribute in contemporary business practices. The steep competition within the current business arena, influenced by technological advancement, significantly fuels this transformation. Assessment Questions What is the cost of customizing the SaaS system, and how does it compare with that of changing the business processes. What is the relative degree of complexity that the business identifies in regard to the processes and systemic operations? Are the industries in which the business ventures in highly dynamic? An excellent example of an IT system project that experienced a critical failure in its development is the Innovative CMS platform project. One of the main

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