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Name Professor Course Date BUSINESS INTERVIEW BUSINESS OWNERS NAME: FREDLOCK HUBBS BUSINESS NAME: HUBBS CAR RENTAL COMPANY REASON FOR SELECTION: I chose the business because it is one of the smallest businesses that is trending in the United States which is forecast to grow in the near future. The business also was accessible and I could reach the owner very conveniently who had time for me and was able to cooperate by answering to my questions as expected. The interview questions included: 1. When and how did you get started with this business? The business that I now venture in came to my mind when I completed my studies and did not get a chance to be employed anywhere. I, therefore, started the company of car rentals with one of the vehicles that I inherited from my father which brought less income by then. After some time, I then started collecting cars from people who would like to lease and put them to use in my company where people could now hire them. I got different collections from different car owners in my location, and the number of vehicles in my stock increased significantly (Shaheen and Adam, 32). 2. How does the business operate? The business operates in two perspectives, first from the collection of different cars of different brands from car owners who lease them to me for a particular period an of times for a fee. After the collection, I then advertise and put the cars on hire where some other different people hire them for a higher fee than I got them leased to me. The cars are hired at a daily fee which different on specific days of the week. For example from Monday to Thursday, the price of a five sitter car is $100, and from

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