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Validity of the Study Name: Institutional affiliation Validity and reliability in a study The Validity of the study is measured through the conclusions made during the survey. To reach the main conclusion, inferences and propositions are made during the research process. The study’s conclusion about the relationship between the variables under consideration must prove to be consistent with other surveys (Trochim, 2006). It means that the research has established a uniform cause and effect relationship. The effectiveness with which a researcher conducts the study methodologies determines the validity of the research. Further, a study has to attain the conclusion, internal, external and construct validity for it to be reliable. Failure of attaining one of the four validity types shows lack of validity and reliability in the study., A study therefore is said to be reliable if its measures are repeatable (Trochim, 2006). The study’s measures generate the same results each time they are conducted by a different person. Ways to improve the reliability and validity in a quantitative and qualitative study Under the qualitative study, the researcher improves the reliability and validity of the study by making adjustments to the four measures of the study soundness. First, the researcher describes the phenomenon under consideration to increase its credibility to the participants. Secondly, the soundness of a study is improved by defining the research context and disclosing all assumptions used so as to increase its transferability. Thirdly, the researcher improves the dependability of the study by creating hypothetical conclusions about the outcome the study

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