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BUSINESS CULTURE IN INDIInsert Your Name Here Insert Your Tutor’s Name Here Institution Affiliation Date Business Culture in India For a company to perform well globally, it needs to have a good understanding of different cultures in different parts of the world. Indeed, companies operating in foreign countries must adapt to other external environment aspects in addition to culture. These other aspects include competition, economy, the level of technology and the political and legal climate. Culture indeed comprises of the behavioral aspect of a given group of people, what they believe is right or wrong, what they value and appreciate and many other features (Mellahi & Frynas, 2015). Indeed we are going to write a report that will help our client understand the culture of India to conduct effective business relationships and start conversations. One of the main cultural aspect that the client should learn is the language of the people of India. Learning both verbal and non-verbal communication features would indeed help in starting conversations and building an effective business relationship with the people of India. The client should try to learn some of the languages spoken in India such as Standard Hindi and other classical languages that will help him or her communicate verbally with the people in that country. Learning of nonverbal communication search as haptics, a way of dressing and appearance and also body movement and languages would also make interaction with the people of the country easier. These aspects would indeed help a lot in conducting business in the country. Another cultural aspect that should be considered is the values and

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