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business plan and strategy, most countries start exploring overseas for market and food supply. The politics also experienced changes with countries consolidating powers and forming ties (Backman, 362). Work Cited Backman, R. Clifford, The Culture of the West, Volume One: To 1750: A History, Oxford University Press,...

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business plan. Contrary to popular belief with most of the business managers that a business plan can serve as a strategy, it is relatively reasonable to put it clear that the two concepts are different. The concept of business strategy is concerned with unique business practices that ensure a company attains a higher competitive advantage in the market whereas a business plan points out the direction and the manner in which business operations are organized in the company. References Michaux, S., Cadiat, A., & Probert, C. (2015). Porter's Five Forces: Understand Competitive Forces and Stay Ahead of the Competition. : Porter, M. E. (1996). What Is Strategy? Harvard Business...

business plan Toyota has, of the two companies the leanest supply chain. Started in 1937, Toyota Corporation is a car manufacturing, assembly, designer and seller of both commercial and personal cars. It has over the years acquired a lot of brands to its name. Some of these brands include; Lexus and Hino. It is the largest manufacturer of automobiles and the eighth largest company in the world. With respect to the financial period, 2012/2013 Toyota had about 213 billion in form of revenue. In the same year, it is approximated to have employed over 333497 employees. The company has branches in most parts of the world including the USA, South Africa and India. It has over 70 brands attached to its name...