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Name:Instructor: Course: Date: Jury Services and Court Situations Summary of What I Watched Jury Duty This video entails the evaluation of the opinion of different members of the community before and after taking part in a legal proceeding. At the beginning of the video, which also involves different members of the community giving their views about jury service, there is a consensus among the respondents that jury service is a waste of their time. However, after the respondents are selected and taken through a legal proceeding, all of the respondents are very positive about jury service. State of California – Jury Service This video explores the entire jury service process from jury selection, the participation of the jury in a court proceeding to when the judge makes a verdict. The video also highlights the role of court officers, among them bailiffs and court reporters. The former facilitate order in the courtroom while the latter record trial. The jury is expected to listen keenly to attorneys of the plaintiff and defendant then render an impartial judgment. Jerald Friedman v. AARP, Inc., No. 14-56765 Jerald Friedman appeals the district court’s ruling that maintained AARP, Inc. did not solicit its members into purchasing insurance policies for Medigap. AARP, Inc. is not a registered insurance agent thus the plaintiff argues that AARP, Inc. contravened the law by urging its members to purchase insurance policies for Medigap. S. Sadlowski v. Michaels Stores Inc, No. 14-56654 The district court’s ruling had exonerated Michaels Stores Inc. from not compensating the plaintiff for unpaid wage and overtime hours. S. Sadlowski appeals this ruling. How

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