Business Law 1 GHA Assignment

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Business Law 1 GHA Assignment Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The business laws are set in place to regulate business and make sure that there is a good relationship between the business and the customers. Governments should come up with good policies that will ensure customers are not exploited by the business people. That ensures that there is harmony and good competition is enhanced. Without competition in the market, there will be the production of low-quality goods and services. Various acts have been placed by the federal government to check on the business and make sure that rules and regulation are not violated. The article is going to discuss about the Hines Cosmetic Company and the Dunkin Donuts Company. The two companies have been in the market for a long time, and they are doing extremely well. The Hines is under the question of whether they have created price discrimination through their action and the Dunkin Donuts franchise agreement is under question. Keywords: Business laws, regulation, violation, market price Hines is not guilty of price discrimination because of various factors. Price discrimination is a situation where a seller decides to sell similar goods or services at varying prices offered by the same individual at different markets. Market segmentation always plays a crucial role when it comes to price discrimination. However, Hines has not segmented the market in any way. The market is free to everyone as those who were given free demonstrators, and those who were not provided with them are all serving the same market. The company is not guilty of price discrimination

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