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Name Instructor Course Date Business Discussion Question The anti-trust is a study of competition with a body of law that assures the competitive markets with regards to the interaction of buyers and sellers in the vibrant processes of exchange. Promotion of such competition by the restrictions on cartel and monopolistic behavior vividly emerge as the first principle of anti-trust. The purpose of anti-trust laws is to promote and protect competition as a primary method that a country can use to allocate limited resources in maximizing the well-being of resources. Ticketmaster and Live Nation have violated the anti-trust laws by anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust violations, and intentional interference. Songkick claims that Ticketmaster and Live Nation combined effort in limiting its business as they enjoy their vast coverage in ticketing and live event industry (Meese, Alan, & Richman, 46). Ticketmaster controls about 70% of the sales on tickets as Live Nation has control on about 60% of the concert promotion. Besides that, Songkick claims that Ticketmaster outsize’s profits allowing Live Nation to make offers with loss to the potential customers hence freezing out Songkick competitors. Ticketmaster and Live Nation were needed to make a submission to a consent decree by 2010 for securing the approval of a merger involved between the two companies. In the consent decree, it never covered the presale ticketing. The specification of the decree involved how Ticketmaster licensed its company’s platform to its competitors, for instance AEG. In addition to that, Ticketmaster divested Paciolan with considering its allowances on venues to host personal

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