Business Analysis Topic — Applications of Critical Thinking to Strategy Change”.

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Applications of Critical Thinking to Strategy Change Student Name Institution Affiliation Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0Introduction PAGEREF _Toc467578992 h 32.0Critical Thinking in the Context of Strategy Change PAGEREF _Toc467578993 h 32.1Techniques of Critical Thinking & their Implementation on Strategy Change PAGEREF _Toc467578994 h 32.2Detrimental Effects of Critical Thinking on Strategy Change PAGEREF _Toc467578995 h 82.3How Critical Thinking Techniques may be Applied Inadequately PAGEREF _Toc467578996 h 93.0Case Study of Nintendo PAGEREF _Toc467578997 h 103.11985 Strategy to Enter US market PAGEREF _Toc467578998 h 103.2Release of Pokémon Go PAGEREF _Toc467578999 h 124.0Discussion and Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc467579000 h 145.0References PAGEREF _Toc467579001 h 166.0Appendix PAGEREF _Toc467579002 h 186.1Appendix 1 PAGEREF _Toc467579003 h 186.2Appendix 2 PAGEREF _Toc467579004 h 196.3Appendix 3 PAGEREF _Toc467579005 h 20 IntroductionCritical thinking has the potential of ensuring that the change in strategy within a given organization is implemented effective. There are different techniques of critical thinking that can be employed with strategy change in mind. One such strategy is thinking through issues. Other critical thinking strategies that are employed ensuring that information used isn’t taken at face value. Other critical thinking techniques as observed in this paper provide a picture as to how to effectively implement strategy change. However, the implementation of strategy change has its issues. This paper delves into the actual application of critical thinking to strategy change. The ways in which strategy change provides for the

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