Business Acquisitions

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Business Acquisitions Student’s Name Institution Introduction Entrepreneurs start businesses aiming for growth (Bovée, Paul, Thill& Mescon, 2007). As such, they seek to find the right avenues for the growth their establishment. This is a skill that embraces a critiquing of open opportunities alongside continuous development. During growth, the determinant factors relate to both the enterprise and the proprietor. The following is an in-depth analysis of a business at a crucial stage. The owner seeks to determine the best possible option for growing the business and selling out. Growing the Business An entrepreneur’s vision carries on throughout the growth processes from conception to maturity (Scarborough, 2011). As such, any strategic choice needs to be in its regard for sustainability. First and foremost, the proprietor needs to evaluate the available resources necessary for the growth process. This is essential in order to size up the probabilities of conflicts of interest and divergent approaches. The following are two major steps in carrying out the growth process. One involves its market while the other focuses on the financial aspect. Since the business exists to serve its clients, expanding on this front, therefore, seems the most likely starting point. This is a process that will involve the creation of a wider market beyond the existing one. Getting a foothold in new markets is an essential step for organizational growth. Meeting the new demands has in itself the potential to spur new and phenomenal growth. New markets exist in places unreached by the competition or amongst customers unsatisfied by big businesses. These vacuums can, however,

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