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Bullying One of the most critical steps in the student's guide to research on bullying is data collection. Data collection is one of the smaller steps of the wider step of conducting a study. The collection of data involves methods such as observation, the use of questionnaires, conducting interviews, using secondary sources such as books and government publications, etc. When researching on bullying, the data collection step is important because it is at this point that the researcher gets to down to the actual problem on the ground. For instance, the researcher may observe how students treat one another in class, on the hallways, in the playgrounds and such other common facilities in the schools. The researcher may also interrogate students through interviews and/or questionnaires to examine how they view and treat other students, especially those that seem different from them. It is at the step of data collection that they theories and hypotheses the researcher had formulated are turned into reality. Bullying and conformity to groups are closely related. In many cases, people bully those who, according to the bullies, do not conform to certain qualities or practices that define the group. This happens when the people objectify and treat with contempt anyone who does not belong to their group. For example, political bullying involves people mistreating those who do not hold the same political views as themselves, or those who do not have similar political affiliations as them. Political bullying occurs when a group feels that those who do not conform to the group's preference deserve to suffer. Other people become part of the bullying because they want to conform (fit

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