Bullying In Schools

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Bullying In Schools. The paper herein identifies the problem of bullying in schools according to the reports of its occurrence in schools. Its impacts in the advancement of a given individual are also discussed as the solutions to the problem are also slightly introduced. Numerous evidence that supports the occurrence of bullying is discussed according to the periods and places within which the act occurs. Gender differences have an impact on the occurrence of bullying which therefore draws the discussion to differentiating the levels and reasons behind bullying in both genders. Methods of interventions, as well as the possible outcomes of bullying in schools are also discussed. Lastly, challenges were also discussed including those that could be experienced in the implementation of the intervention methods such as the training of the personnel involved in the prevention programs regarding protocols to be undertaken in the event of bullying. Another challenge that could occur during implementation includes the failure of students to report of an occurrence of bullying would also impede the performance of the prevention program. Identification of the problem Bullying in schools has become a prevalent matter as many students have reported having experienced it at a given period of their lives. For this reasons the issue of bullying has become overlooked as a threat to students and social perspectives have portrayed it to be a developmental phase that many youth would experience and eventually get over. However, it is not certain that each and every student would get over the trauma experienced during this bullying incidences. Consequently, a multiple of individuals carry

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