Bullying In school

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Bullying in School Student’s Name Institution affiliation Bullying in school is the undesirable and aggressive behavior among pupils that encompasses an alleged power disparity. The action is repeated in verbal, physical, social, or psychological ways over time. Hence, this implies that the tormenters misuse the power they hold over the victims so as to oppress them from time to time. The act leads to serious, long-lasting problems in the life of the victims. Therefore, this paper shall identify and discuss two solutions to the problem of bullying in school. Firstly, open communication between teachers and students should be encouraged so as to make students feel free to report bullying incidences to the teaching staff. Rapport is built when teachers are free to their students and attend meetings organized by students where school-related issues are raised (Grumm & Hein, 2012). The attendance to student meetings can make teachers stay informed on the activities taking place in school and particular student’s life. Similarly, schools need to devise adequate reporting systems that students may use to raise their grievances. Hence teachers will be in a position to shield apprentices and avert victimization instances from taking place (Espelage, Rose, & Polanin, 2015). On the same note, schools can provide non-verbal cues of communication like interior decorations so as to send a resilient dispatch to learners and paternities that the varsity adopts an optimistic atmosphere. Consequently, this will reduce bullying as many students may fear to face the consequences depicted on the decorations (Hunt, 2015). Secondly, schools should set clear and enforceable

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