Bulimia Nervosa Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

Bulimia Nervosa in Children and Adolescents. In Handbook of DSM-5 Disorders in Children and Adolescents(pp. 333-352). Springer, Cham.ter Huurne, E. D., de Haan, H. A., Marieke, C., Postel, M. G., Menting, J., van der Palen, J., ... & DeJong, C. A. (2015). Is the Eating Disorder Questionnaire-Online (EDQ-O) a valid diagnostic instrument for the DSM-IV-TR classification of eating disorders?. Comprehensive psychiatry, 57, 167-176. Vall, E., & Wade, T. D. (2015). Predictors of treatment outcome in individuals with eating disorders: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 48(7),...

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