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Buddhism is a region that covers about 300 millions of people across the world. It started around 2,500 years in the past by a person known as Gotama at his age of 35 years. In the Buddha’s first sermon, there arose four noble truths, which formed a stable foundation of all those who professed the region. These truths are as discussed below. The suffering truth, Buddha’s, in this case, stated that the lives of people are challenged by struggle, and nobody finds the ultimate satisfaction or happiness in any experience. The causes of suffering truth, this states that the possible cause of sufferings in our lives is caused by our unsatisfied nature. This, therefore, brings about frustrations when the world around us does not have behalf as we expect. The end of suffering truth, in this case, Buddha had it that people can stop their craving through their diligent practice. This involves putting an end to our chase for satisfaction. The path that sets us away from suffering truth; in this case, Buddha made an attempt to prescribe the possible treatment for our illness. Buddha stated that there is no specific benefit of merely trusting in a doctrine but rather people should pay more attention to walking and living its path. However, these truths of Buddhism seem to be mere hypothesis, and they do not conform to my life. In the first truth, though life is full of struggle, people always experience happiness whenever they win against the hard situation. On the other hand, one cannot live without satisfaction and attachment to physical properties because they bring about happiness. Finally, though walking and practicing doctrine is important, it is important to note that

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