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Brooklyn district of East New York. In other words, the film itself creates a link of some events that occur many times over in the New York, Long Beach, Connecticut, and many others. It means that Scorsese makes a tremendous effort to depict scenes of crimes and violence in the film to accentuate social realities in the United States (Kracauer 56). Using the film's visual and artistic elements, the film accomplishes its purpose of informing the spectators that crimes at all forms dampen the progress of the society and the people themselves. Scorsese at the deepest core of the film wants to send a message to the government to reform its security policies to protect the people from the different forms...

Health Care


Brooklyn, New York. What is their point of view? The author’s point of view is that nature’s plan makes sense when it comes to childbirth. He affirms that women have an inherent capability of giving birth, has a deep inner instinct on birth and as such should be supported and freed to find their comfort so that in the end they can deliver without suffering r any medical interventions. Purpose Why was the source created? The source was created to enlighten the society on the importance of normal childbirth. Who is the intended audience? The intended audience of this article is particularly mothers since they are the one who gives birth. They are advised to keep away from unnatural ways...

Brooklyn Museum. It is a piece that feminists worked on to help them rediscover lost role for women by rewriting the past that included only the male voices. Judy Chicago reclaimed the dominion of "high art" by including what was by tradition consigned as the lower status of the "women work.” Feminist used video art as a medium and catalyst to represent and initiate media revolution for instance artists like Dara Birnbaum used video art to reconstruct women representation by using appropriate images from television broadcastings. Textile art was also used to aid in the fight against feminism. DiTolla states that the use of video art and textile helped the viewers accept their art despite being...

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