British Literature

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Student name Institution Course Date William Wordsworth in "I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud" says that he took a long gaze and but did not realize what wealth was to give him. When he felt any kind of bliss of isolation, his heart is satisfied with fulfillment and jigs. Taylor Coleridge compares the nice garden of lime-trees where a man is resting a prison. He is sad about all the beautiful creatures he could have seen on the hike. He pictures these scenes in detail by putting himself in the footwear of his friends, and this is because he suffered an injury that prevented him from walking with his buddies who had come to visit him in his poem "The Lime-Tree Bower My Prison." William Wordsworth laments that "the world" is too strong for us to acknowledge it. People are interested in time and money that they use up all their strength. People want to gather stuff, so they see nothing in Nature that they can "own." According to his poem "The World Is Too Much With Us." The message that connects the daffodils within each of these four verses is ‘dance.' But the relationship varies over the sequence of this creation: ‘Trembling and swaying in the wind.' The following stave, daffodils are known as ‘Swinging their captions in sprightly dance,' this reinforces the personification of the daffodils. In the third strophe, waves of the sea are danced by daffodils which are set for different characters of nature. The fourth verse, ‘dances’ is related to the human persona in the poem (Maza, 143). The world is too much with us, Line 1-2, people are united inside their greediness for capital, and their liberty is valued for by their activities of getting money, using

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