British Colonies in the 18th Century to the Revolution

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Surname Instructor Course Date British Colonies in the 18th Century to the Revolution What do you think are some of Paine's most important arguments? Various arguments are raised in the Common Sense pamphlet, key among them is the origin and plan of a state which appears in section 1. Under this argument, Paine creates a framework for the Republican administration by associating it to the enlightenment theory of John Locke. Paine acknowledges that man has not discovered another form of management better than the government which is based on the need of clustered individuals to agree to live together to achieve maximum happiness. In the agreement to stay together, Paine argues that people need to choose their representation, make accepted rules of engagement which leads to the need to have elections. Also, Paine rubbishes the boundaries that have been created between Kings and their subjects. He argues that all men are created equal and goes ahead to highlight previous problems created by monarchies which include leading people to war. Paine regrets that as much as the king's livelihood depended on the people he ruled, he still demanded to be worshiped, which according to Paine, is immoral (Paine, “Common sense”). Why do you think this writing was so effective? This writing was effective because it called upon the people to realize the injustices they were being subjected to by the entire monarchy. It is eye opening because it helps the subjects to acknowledge that the king needs the subjects more than the subjects need the king. This means that a relationship between the king and subject should be that of mutual respect. Additionally, Paine introduces an

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