Bring In Noise: The Devolution of Rap or Hip Hop

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Name Professor Course Date Rap Culture is Lost A close examination of the music genre; hip-hop and rap one can establish a disparity of today's lyrics and what the norm was in old school era. Just listening to new era rap stanzas a big difference is notable. Rap music back then addressed black oppression with artists using the music avenue to speak on subjugation and liberating the black community. They sang more about the ghetto and the hardships they had to endure just to make it. The game of hip-hop has overtime had a change in the way the genre is presented, and in today's era, it has been highly commercialized. Sadly, the roots of the music have been lost; record labels have advocated and encouraged rappers to talk more about sex, gangs, and violence. Vinyl turntables no longer exist and have faded out and replaced with modern turntables. The mainstream media has short-changed artists who wanted to speak out issues in the community. Instead, they encourage an approach that is more into gangs and women objectification. The artists can no longer approach record labels to push such ideas as they are norms that have been set in the modern era. The real spirit and culture of hip-hop and rap are fading away, and the previous elements of embracing graffiti, breakdancing, disk jockeys and MCs are indeed losing popularity (Martinez 270). The MCs were in love with the game where they brought the right energy to the fans and encourage the rap culture. Originally the music was more of expressing rebellion and disgruntlement of the black American community. The originality in the rap culture that was witnessed in the 70s and 80s has been lost and that unique sound no

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