Break a Norm

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Breaking a Dress Code Norm Name Institution Breaking a Dress Code Norm Both men and women frequently bombard personal stylists with questions regarding which types of outfit to wear to particular occasions and the possibility of the clothes to fit well on those events. Various groups within the society have social norms that define values and behavior. Accordingly, such groups consider anybody who acts contrary to such established acceptable forms of expression as a deviant and may receive different sanctions or bias based on the situation (Sociological Theories of Deviance Student Notes, n.d.). Against this background, the paper provides analysis of a dress code cultural norm, which I violated during December holidays and my experiences following the episode. I attended a Las Vegas casino themed party in December, where I expected everyone to stick to the theme and put on somewhat a cocktail dress despite the cold weather. However, I did not know I had overdressed for the party until I reached the occasion. My dress exposed so much of my cleavage making me appear odd compared to other attendants. Arguably, even though my dressing fitted the occasion's theme, it did not meet the societal expectations of a dress someone should wear in cold weather. I picked on this matter because it made me realize that an individual's dressing determines the way others perceive, evaluate, and communicate with him/her in a social group. According to Durkheim’s theory of deviance, my behavior qualifies as wrong depending on whoever makes the judgment, because some people may consider it right based on the occasion. The activities at the Las Vegas casino themed party made me

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