Brazil’s criminal justice system and comparisons to the United States

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Brazil’s Criminal Justice System and Comparison to the United States Names: Institution: Date: Introduction The functionality and the structure of criminal justice systems of various countries differ significantly depending on the core values the justice system is based on. Brazil has a system that does not accept financial punishment in its criminal justice system is making its correctional facilities to be overcrowded hence attracting the attentions of the human rights bodies in the world. The Brazilian justice system is based on the 1988 Constitution. However, the amendment of the constitution in 2004 reformed the justice system. The law enforcement agencies in the country mainly compose of the federal state police working in all states in the country and the state civil police who restore order and ensure security in the states. Transformation in the justice system of this country has been too slow as compared to the United States, and this is attributed to political interference in the justice department and the increases corruption levels in the country. Furthermore, the delays in passing of judgment to offenders have increased the number of pre-trial inmates hence congesting the prisons in the country. The legal system of the country uses civil laws. The justice system has judges who also acts as the prosecutors and questions the accused. Such a system is said to be inquisitorial and it is adopted by Brazil’s judicial system. Brazil’s Historical Development in Politics The political system of Brazil transited from being a military dictatorship to a politically democratic country. Since the coup of 1964, the political system of the country has seen

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