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Brand Management: Liberty University Brand Name Institution Brand Management: Liberty University Brand A brand is a crucial feature designed for an institution or an organization recognition. In most case, the brand serves as an art defining a powerful and compelling story about an organization (Rosenbaum-Elliott, Percy, and Pervan, 2015). The artistic features range from logos, symbols, terms to taglines stating the reputation of the institution. Liberty university brand tells more than just a brand designed by logos and colors. The brand represents the university storyline showing their determination, purpose, vision, and how much the university has and is ready to persevere through its course...

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Brand Management: A World of Privilege. Singapore: Wiley and Sons. Brooke, S. (2004) Luxuries ain’t what they used to be. Now the high street is full of designer’s labels and glittering prices, does anything count as exclusive. The Daily Telegraph, London: 17 January, p. 4. Twitchell, J. B. (2002) Living it Up: Our Love Affair with Luxury. New York: Columbia University...

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brand management: Critical perspectives on business and management. London: Routledge. Kalanje, C. M. (2012). Role of Intellectual Property in Innovation and New Product Development. Retrieved from Stoll, P.-T., Busche, J., & Arend, K. (2011). WTO, trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights. Leiden:...