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bottle with distilled water, pipet and pipet aid, plastic waste beaker, and a p-1000 adjustable micro-pipette. Methods Preparing a 0.2m sodium acetate and 0.2M acetic acid stock solutions. The first part of the involved preparing a 250 mL of 0.2M sodium acetate. This was done by adding distilled water (200mL), dissolving and stirring. The next step was preparing 400mL of 0.2M of acetic acid with a molar weight of 60.1g/mol. Glacial acetic acid was added into distilled water (300mL) followed by stirring. Preparation of acetic buffers. It involved preparation of 0.2M acetic buffer at pH 4 from 0.2M acetic acid and 0.2M sodium acetate. The solution was prepared in a beaker and a pH meter was used to...

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bottle the customers like most. They have the moisture content allowing the hair to remain moist upon the application by the consumers and consumers’ hair does not go dry for quite some time. The colors differ from blue, white to grey among many colors, so the customer has to choose the favorite color he or she likes most. It has the antibacterial contents that help fight the skin bacteria so will leave the skill of your hair cool and save (PR, 2017). It is non-poisonous, and its contact with the eye only needs immediate rinsing then it becomes ok. Q.5 The product can best be identified with the color dimension in which it comes in. It comes in different colors including blue, grey, white, pink...

bottled drinking water safe? Like tap and well water, there are still chances that bottle water will contain small levels of contaminants despite the high level of scrutiny done on them as claimed by the bottle companies. The body in charge with regulating bottled water that is the FDA, as still unable to monitor the testing programs as the EPA does with the tap water hence chances of water being contaminated during testing is high and thus people are likely to consume contaminated water. 4. Provide some feedback on your thoughts about drinking water. Is water as good as sports drinks for hydration? Share your source. Drinking water can be tedious, and in many instances, people hardly consume...

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bottle of an Ice-cold Mountain Dew. The entire vicinity becomes cold and fraught with ice pellets. This visual impression also helps the creator of the advert to convey to the audience the differentiating characteristics of the Mountain Dew Ice (soda). The inclusion of the picture of a lemon below the bottle of the Mountain Dew Ice also plays positively in informing the target audience about the content of the new brand. See the pictures below: The advert also integrates different rhetorical appeals to get the consideration of the target audience. The three rhetorical appeals employed in this super bowl commercial include a logic appeal, pathetic appeal, and ethical appeal. According to Faigley...



bottle. Despite the fact that tooth decay has declined in in the United States, every person still faces a risk of developing dental carries in their lifetime. Therefore, the young adults who have permanent teeth are still affected by tooth decay which affects their quality of life. Considering that fluoridation can still continue to benefit those who consume tap water, it is important to sensitize the young people about the advantages of consuming water with fluoride. Notably, the target population is credited for being wireless internet users. Moreover, the number of youth who engage in traditional television watching has declined. Therefore, most young people acquire information regarding the...

Cell analogy


bottle. Water is an essential part of the activities in a cell. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 14: The vacuoles provide water for the cell In conclusion, the mall fits in just like a cell in various ways as described above. My adventure in malls has been essential in describing a cell and all its activities. Each of the activities in a mall can be steadily compared to those taking place in a cell. The cell contains organelles and inclusions which are akin to the shops contained in a shopping mall. The analogy of a shopping mall experience indicates the different parts of the cell of a living organism. As one shops wholesomely in a mall, so does the cell perform all its activities to allow...