Border Crossing Reflection

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Border Crossing Reflection The interaction with students across borders, like China, in this case, is of great importance to students. My expectations for this kind of activity was that I would be able to make improvements on my essay, learn some cultural aspect of Chinese education system and eventually make a friend. Border crossing activity has lived up to all my expectations. The students made some great comments on my essay, and my writing has significantly improved. While reviewing the country teacher, I was able to acquire some knowledge of the plight of students and educators in Chinese rural schools in the 1980s. Furthermore, the programme enabled me to gain some extra knowledge on girl child education in Pakistan and other Arab countries. I also made a friend in the course of interaction with Chinese students. It is quite surprising how well Chinese students have mastered English. To be honest, I had no idea how well students in China could converse in English. My interaction with these students has been easier than I thought it would be. The comments are very elaborate and objective; their grammar mastery is quite impressive, and there are no vague statements written. Besides, I also learnt how my peers are concerned about global issues. In the course of interacting, one of the students raised the issue of the plight of women in Arab countries; it is motivating to know that people in other parts of the world are concerned in resolving education problems and have hopes for a better world where education is provided without discrimination. Both the movies reviewed received criticism, one of my peers suggested that the dramatic nature of the American film ‘Lean

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