book Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Theory of Leisure Class. Theory of Leisure Class is a 19thcentury economics book by Thorstein Veblen that socially critiques social stratification of the various social classes in the society. The book is based on Veblen’s empirical observation and perception skills to explore developments in economic and social development. The Macmillan Publisher first published Theory of Leisure Class in the year 1899. The author conducted socio-economic analyses of the importance of the division of labor in the modern industrial society. Veblen uses satirical language to examine the value of the leisure class in the community while drawing from everyday life experiences and observations. Existence and evolution of the leisure class date back from the 19th century. The society was still primitive as class distinctions never existed, and the aspect of ownership was not developed. Class distinction set in when humanity developed the need for property ownership. During Veblen’s time, America had developed a reckless spending habit all with the aim of emerging socially prestigious through material possession. However, the society demeaned women and perceived them as objects of conspicuous leisure. Their place was mainly in the kitchen and other domestic chores where her efforts were barely recognized in the socioeconomic scale (Bukharin, 54). Veblen countered the conventional economic wisdom of the early 20th century. The author presupposed that there existed a class with more leisure than other social classes in the society. Veblen stressed on social criticism to the leisure class where he aimed at linking leisure

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