Book: Selling the Serengeti

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Student’s Name Instructor Date Selling the Serengeti Following the over two decades study and engagement with the Maasai community from the northern part of Tanzania, Benjamin Gardner offers comprehensive insights of the plight these people have. The research is a milestone in a different type of “living geography” involving some stakeholders including, the Tanzanian state, foreign tourism investors, and the public, in this case, the Maasai people. Following recurrent conservation attempts primarily comprising of dispossession and enclosure, the Maasai are troubled and detest the neoliberalism aspect and aggressively criticize even the well-meant efforts of Tanzanian nation as well as that of foreigners to safeguard Serengeti as an international treasure. The Maasai have, for centuries, been the sole protector and governor of the Serengeti part and, therefore, feel threatened by the new developments, whether good-intentioned or not, brought about by the tourists. This work reviews the book Selling the Serengeti: the Cultural Politics of Safari Tourism by Benjamin Gardner. The book delves on the correlations the Maasai society from the northern part of Tanzania has with foreign-owned tourism organizations. Gardner’s primary focus is the laws and dialogues concerning the winning of society-based and biodiversity conservation as well as the neoliberal focus on foreign ventures in tourism and the overall impact these aspects have on the livelihoods and cultures of the Maasai. Gardner’s work investigates the way these reforms in economic and social powers and relations restructure how the public and the country connect with non-Tanzanian investors, the

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