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Name Professor’s name Unit Date Lifestyle and beliefs separating America Summary The Big Sort is a book authored by a famous journalist Bill Bishop regarding how diversified the United States are. The book further shows that individuals prefer to put up in homogeneous neighborhoods. Bishop's book points out that the Americans live in a sovereign state and they are embracing uniformity and moving away from lifestyles that are differentiated. Bishop's argument is that in the early years, Americans moved from one place to the other in search of fiscal expansion but in the past thirty or so years, the movements are triggered by the desire to live in societies with a uniform way of life. Americans are moving into neighborhoods characterized by individuals they have common ideologies or have similar social status. Neighborhoods are therefore not defined by economies but are rather described by political, religious and social beliefs. Bishop, therefore, shows that the United States as a nation is getting separated when Americans form homogeneous groups that are centered on personal beliefs. Further disparities are created by the level of education of the Americans since characters are clustered depending on the academic qualification. Highly educated individuals get higher wages than those of lower educational qualification hence make those with higher academic qualification to occupy cities regarded rich or for the elite. Bishop's book, therefore, depicts a separated nation due to the clustering of individuals sharing a lifestyle or belief. Bishop does not only rely on his research, but he incorporates data from Robert Cushing’s sociological and statistical works

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