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Name: Course: Date: Up From Slavery Book Review Up From Slavery is an autobiography written by Booker T. Washington and is designed to elaborate on the issues covering slavery in the period of the Civil War. It details of the needs of a young black man who had to struggle against a white superiority and a general tolerance for slavery of the black people. The details of the book reveal the efforts of a man who had to fight against many odds to arrive at a position of influence in his life. He reveals some of the processes that led to the establishment of some vocational schools with the most famous being the Tuskegee Institute based in Alabama. The controversial nature of Washington’s activities during his time brought much criticism to his book. While the book does not have a clear and well - defined thesis, one cannot escape noticing the main agenda being reflected in the writings. Up From Slavery represents the mindset that both blacks and whites could co-exist with one another in the same environment. More importantly, the book was not used to slight the Whites for their deeds against the Blacks. However, he believed in the power of responsibility and of taking actions aimed at continuous improvement (Washington, Harlan and Smock 14). Much of the details of the story are aimed at supporting this central theme. The personal experiences of the man are designed to shed light on the requirements of a man towards achievement and pursuit of excellence (Washington 95). Such an approach helped to raise awareness on some of the steps that the blacks could take to change their reality. The details of the book are important to the general flow of the US history as its

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