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Book Review Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Book Review Outline Introduction The book, “Why we’re not as self‐aware as we think and how seeing ourselves clearly helps us succeed at work and in life” is written by Tasha Eurich. The author aims to provide individuals with tools that unlock new levels of knowledge to help thrive in the increasingly unaware world. The book gives an insight into several techniques and strategies that make an individual successful in life and work. Provides insight on the seven kinds of self-knowledge that self-aware individuals should have. Moreover, the book discusses the biggest invisible roadblocks that are prevalent to self-awareness. Furthermore, the author discusses the internal and external self-awareness myths and truth. Summary Part one: Roadblocks and building blocks The part focuses on the roadblocks that are prevalent as one strives to build self-awareness. Chapter 1: The Anatomy of self-awareness: The seven pillars of insight The chapter discusses the seven pillars that are essential to separate the unaware from the aware. Chapter 2: Blind spots: The invisible inner roadblocks of Insight Chapter two analyzes the internal barriers that hamper self-awareness and fill people with unwarranted confidence. Chapter 3: The cult of self: The sinister societal roadblock to insight Examines the cult of self and how it influences the self-awareness of an individual. Part Two: Internal self-awareness myths and truths The part examines the various internal factors that influence the internal self-awareness. Chapter 4: Thinking isn’t knowing: The four follies of introspection The chapter

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