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Book Review: Experiencing Cities- Chapter 3: The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Urban Sociology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Book Review: Experiencing Cities- Chapter 3: The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Urban Sociology The book Experiencing Cities was written by Mark Hutter and published by Routledge Company in 2015. Hutter, a social scientist, focuses his work on urban sociology and city life experience. The author explains the wide range of urban structures as well as processes and their impact on the lives of people living in the cities. In chapter three, Hutter discusses the evolution from agriculture to industrialization and the rise of European cities during the nineteenth century. The chapter further highlights the changes that occurred not only at work and but also in family structures due to evolution in gender roles and the rise of urban cities. Major Themes and Key Concepts Industrial Revolution According to Hutter (2015), the historical development of European cities in the 1800s was as a result of technological and social innovations which aided the production of steam engines, automatic weaving machines, and cotton gin. These technologies caused the mass production of goods, fast transportation, and heightened production in the agricultural sector. Notably, industrial revolution adversely affected the lives of individuals since it promoted urbanization as people moved to the developing towns to search for better living conditions and a source of income. It also introduced child labor, poverty, domestic abuse, prostitution, family desertions, and illegitimacy (Hutter, 2015). Therefore, industrial revolution did not

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