Book report on (When China Rules The World)

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Name Professor’s Name Subject Date When China rules the world When China Rules the World could be termed as an intelligent effort to analyze and foresee the state of world when the western civilization would not serve as the main world power. The author has focused on China which is the growing super power of the world and is already on a path of power acquisition the ultimate stage of which might possibly be the emergence of a new super power. The book by the author has already been gained attention of the literary circles and has attracted a wide scale attention and a debate on the topic has already begun. This paper however would analyze author’s analysis and would illustrate what life will be like when China rules the world. Starting from the very first the author has suggested that If China becomes a new power, it will not follow the same rules or standards that have been practiced by the west for the last three centuries rather it would introduce its own international paradigm. Elaborating on this point, we can claim that west has always been supportive and encouraging of openness and individuality along with freedom of decision. If China rules the world we could safely assume that this might not be the case and openness, individuality and choice of decision making may not be the preferred phenomena of the new super power. This is because that following the exactly opposite rules China is on the way to become a political and economic ascendancy and it could be expected that China would continue to do the same in the future. Therefore a world where China rules, we might not have the same open atmosphere and choice of decision making that we enjoy at

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