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Bonhoeffer was a pastor and a theologian as well as the key instituting member of the church referred to as the confessing prayer Centre. His life as both a theologian and a pastor of great spirituality influenced many Christians and exerted much inspiration to numerous denominations. His life and ideas about human fulfillment and happiness stood stark contrary to the 21st-century cultures, in that human beings tend to strive in fulfilling their personal interests at the expense of doing God’s will (Bonhoeffer, pg.267). Additionally, based on projection and speculation, his theology has a nature that is unsystematic and contains diverse interpretations. According to him, the acceptance of divine suffering and implementation of justice were two main elements that constitute faith. A good example of faithful Christianity from his life is that Bonhoeffer strongly resisted to the Nazi rule of dictatorship and Hitler’s rule as well as the prosecution of the Jews. Below is an example of a picture describing human fulfillment and happiness by Bonhoeffer. A prayer refers to the communication with God or an object spiritually, as in adoration, petition, confession or thanksgiving. Prayer is very important to one's life as a Christian because it enables them to live good and holy lives in accordance with the will of GOD. Additionally, prayer helps Christians to differentiate between good and evil, therefore enhances their ability to remain faithful to God and avoid unpleasing situations with other people. There are various ‘starting points' in a prayer which are actually very appealing, as they set one's mind to concentrate on the act. The point that I find most appealing

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