Bone Black Memories of Girlhood

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Name Instructor Course Date Bone Black Memories of Girlhood In the book” Bone Black: Memories of Childhood,” the author Bell Hooks outlines of strong spirited childhood journey of becoming a writer. In her life, she can learn the role that is played by women and men in the community, as well as the significance of black female children. In her narration, she describes the current society as that beholds the happiness of marriage and champion for the silence of women. The type of education that is offered in the schools is only meant to help young people to forget their past and also both social and economic injustices done to them. There are various social injustices today namely racism and gender discrimination. All these social injustices according to Hook are as a result of people not appreciating cultural diversity and individual differences. In her book Hooks, she emphasizes on the experience of the young black child in her struggle to fit social locations of race, class, gender and age. Above all, she centralizes on experiences that a young girl goes through before making a political statement. Hooks explores the responsibilities of a girl child by looking at a fight between a small girl mother and the father. A constant argument between the father and the mother confuses the girl hence she is not able to understand anything about the beauty of marriage. By putting the young child in the controversy of marriage, the Bells Hook can create a neutral party that observes the fight of the powerless on what to do. The situation the girl is creating far-reaching ramification of the social construction of marriage. The above societal experience to the girl

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