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Name Professor's Name Course Number Date At what point does obedience to authority becomes dangerous? Obedience to authority is very necessary for people to coexist peacefully within the society. Obedience is evident when a person is influenced by the other who holds a position of authority. In every society, there are those people who are entrusted with power and authority. However, some argue that the obedience to the authority may become dangerous at some point (Miller 34). When the authoritative power is taken to extremes, the obedience to authority may become dangerous. Some people have used their powers within the society to inflict harm to their subjects. This essay analyzes the point at which the obedience to authority becomes dangerous. The essay argues that obedience to authority becomes dangerous when the leaders misuse their authority and their subjects follow them blindly. There are several instances when obedience to authority is good. Obedience can be effective in saving lives and property within the society. For example, the authority can persuade members to drive responsibly on the roads to prevent road accidents. The obedience by the drivers will be very critical in saving lives and property along the road. Without obedience, the drivers are likely to driver carelessly in a manner that may cause accidents. Obedience is enforced to support moral behavior within the society (Armstrong 125). In most cases, there are few individuals who act contrary to the majority expectations. For example, some members of the society condone stealing and abusing their colleagues. Obedience sets the pace for the consequences of not following certain set

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