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boiling? Evaporation happens on the surface. It may occur when the partial pressure of vapor of the substance is less than the equilibrium vapor pressure while boiling point is the transition phase from liquid to gas and it happens above the boing point of the liquid 12. Why is a pressure cooker even more useful when cooking food in the mountains than when cooking at sea level? In the mountains, there is the less pressure hence lower boiling point. Hence when using a pressure cooker, it will be useful since less energy will be used to cook. 14. How can water be made to both boil and freeze at the same time? The equilibrium vapor pressure is a function of temperature. When the pressure in the...

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Boiling Point. The Forward. Retrieved 30 November 2016, from Immell, M. (2011). Israel (1st ed.). Detroit: Greenhaven Press. Israel's settlement drive is becoming irreversible, diplomats fear. (2016). Reuters. Retrieved 30 November 2016, from Voyiakis, E. (2010). Customary International Law and the Place of Normative Considerations. The American Journal Of Jurisprudence, 55(1), 163-200....

boiling point. Review of Literature Although the natural flavor of a mixture of esters is hard to duplicate, synthetic esters could mimic such flavors’. Hence, synthetic esters are routinely used in the food and beverage industry. Most esters are conveniently prepared by refluxing carboxylic acid with an appropriate alcohol in presence of string mineral acids (like sulphuric and hydrochloric acid). This reaction leads to an equilibrium condition. Although acid catalysis increases the rate of attaining equilibrium but it does not affect the position of the equilibrium. For shifting the equilibrium reaction to the right (that is to favor the formation of the desired ester) two strategies...

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