Body Fat and Eating Disorders

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Body Fat and Eating Disorders Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Obesity has emerged to be a National Epidemic where individuals have adopted various eating disorders in the quest to improve their appearance. Most people are worried about their appearance rather than the damaging health problems related to excess body fat. Obesity is a complex health issue that results from a combination of contributing factors ranging from personal behaviors, genetics, environment, genetics and exposure to various diseases and drugs. Environmental changes that have occurred during the last few decades predispose humanity to obesity. There are several techniques of assessing body fats to determine the extent of obesity or fitness. Weight loss is an individual responsibility which starts with believing that it is possible to lose excessive body fat. Eating disorders predisposes individuals to excessive weight gain or loss. There are several efficient and long-lasting treatment strategies for eating disorders. The best approach to treating eating disorders and obesity is through psychological counseling intertwined with physical exercises to burn excessive body fats. Body Fat and Eating Disorders Apart from the increase in body weight, excess body fat exposes obese individuals to the risk of major health concerns such as arteriosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, depression, stroke and diabetes (Cassell & Gleaves, 2006). Obesity poses a threat to an individual’s lifespan since most of the major health problems are life threatening. A healthy dietary plan encompasses dietary patterns interlaced with regular physical activities. Unbalanced dietary patterns due

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