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Tonga Room


are prepared to address with immediate effect any issue that might stress you and hinder you from relaxing and enjoying your best moments here at Tonga. It is because of their services that you can hardly see a crying face; all customers are ever smiling. Equally, I cannot forget to mention Tonga’s most fascinating meals and drinks. Just by the looks of how the food is presented on the table, you start salivating! They have hired the most skilled chefs, who have mastered the art of cooking, and are always updated about the kind of food taste and aromas clients want to feel. For sure if you are in this place never forget to try Mai Tai, the City’s best! Another important and unique...

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are having a beer with their best friends or watching their favorite teams play together. However, people like Aristotle refer to happiness as a final result or goal that comprises of an individual’s total life. Aristotle views happiness as something that cannot be attained or fade away after some few hours such as pleasurable sensations (Mathews & Gareth 186-199). However, he views happiness as a measure of how well people have lived their lives to their maximum potential as human beings. He views happiness as the achievements that human beings have had up to the recent moment. Therefore, people cannot conclude that an individual has had a happy life until his life comes to an end. Moreover,...