Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Seminar Presentation

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures: Before Light Before light is the last segment of the novel bloodletting and miraculous cures. In this section, Lam tries to sum up the ideas of the entire short story novel by showing how subjective, a mess the healthcare industry is, and why people have to keep moving on regardless of the situation on the ground. At this last chapter of the book, death is perceived as a norm, and both doctors and patients agree that at some point, people will die and there is for the living to move on when that happens (Lam 321). Similarly, although the healthcare industry is a mess, people should keep on working to better the industry as doctors continue to make the high-risk decisions to save lives in their day-to-day activities. Summary The last part of the book is a sneak preview of Dr. Chen’s life, which in extension depicts the life of a doctor on a normal day. It begins with Chen complaining to his wife how he hates his job mainly because he cannot get enough time to rest (Lam 306). The complaints and all the negative perception about the medical profession change soon after he gets on the road. Chen sees the position of a doctor as being superior in the society. He feels justified to drive recklessly and blames the truck driver for not giving him way (Lam 310). He uses his position as a doctor to justify many issues throughout the section of the novel, a feeling that is shared by other characters in the previous chapters of the novel. The “before light” segment of the novel wraps up the entire mystery about the medical profession as it brings the reader to the end of the journey of the characters. The

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