Blood Pressure Control for African American Parents and

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Name of the Student Professor’s Name Summary Article Date Blood Pressure Control for African –American Parents and their Children Historically, faith-based organizations (like churches) have influenced the spiritual renewal of African-Americans at times of socioeconomic and political crisis. Recently, their role in healthcare has been evaluated through various studies. These interventions are based on the socio-ecological model. The prevalence of cardiovascular diseases is quite high in the African-American population. Ralston et al. (p. 47-65) evaluated the feasibility and outcomes of a faith-based intervention. The faith-based intervention aimed to improve blood pressure control in the African-American population. The study population (n=17) for the present study included parents and their respective children belonging to African-American ethnicity. The study participants were selected from three different churches in Florida. The study was conducted as a randomized non-controlled trial. Different interventions were extended to the selected study participants. Such interventions were speculated to improve the cardiovascular health of study participants. The health interventions included appropriate servings of fruits/vegetables, sessions of physical activity and measurement/monitoring of physical health status. The interventions were planned as per evidence-based guidelines. The authors implemented descriptive and inferential statistics (paired t-tests and correlation coefficients) for analyzing the end points/outcomes of the study. The feasibility study indicated that faith-based interventions are significantly accessed by concerned

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