Blanche’s Destruction

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Blanche’s Destruction This article will provide a literature review of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. The book centers on character analysis of feminist played by a fictional character Blanche Dubois. Allen, Blanche’s husband, die after stigmatization because he was homosexual. The death of Allen significantly affects Blanche, thus leaving her in a complete state of desolation. Blanches opts from one man in search of a better and safe future shaping her desire for happier life. Furthermore, Blanche character displays women who wish to be economically dependent on their husbands. These are the factors that ultimately leads to the failure of Blanche. In this article, I will discuss the brief synopsis as expressed by the author, provide themes that Blanche portrays in the book and perspectives that led to Blanche destruction. The book describes Blanche desire for a better life despite misfortunes in her life. The author tries to portray that despite someone past, it doesn’t affect future life. After the death of her husband Allen, Blanche hopes for a better tomorrow. Deep within her heart, Blanche pursues the desire for a better life. Blanche wishes to be independent in patriarchal society, where women are ought to be subordinate to men. Blanche is brave to challenge male authority to live a happier life. Blanche is born in the Old South, and her destiny isn’t purely defined (Fang 102). She faces oppression and lives under restriction within the patriarchal society. Blanche seeks solace using the imaginary world to get comfort. More so, Blanche displays women who despite their past failure and

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