Black Studies

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First Article In the article, The Evolution and Transformation of a white racist, author D. Andera brings to the fore three themes that are pertinent to understanding racism as well as its evolution over time. Theme 1: Firstly, the author delves into the theme of childhood experiences to explain the roots of racism, narrowing down on different sub- strands such as the impact at the family level, at school, and at church. Theme 2: Secondly, Andera covers the theme of adolescence as a period of his racial awakening and confusion, narrowing down on the transition through new friendships developed, the Vietnam War and the impact of the civil rights movement, and how racism manifests in the counseling profession. Theme 3: He finalizes on the themes by an allusion to the challenges encountered in adulthood, specifically in embracing an individual commitment towards social action. First Excerpt D. Andera in explaining the contribution of his childhood experiences on his views towards racism provides an excerpt regarding encounters during his uncle’s family visits. Through narrating the great admiration, he had for the uncle given his time in the Japanese war, the author similarly draws attention to the tone and demeanor the uncle took while describing African Americans in disparagingly sub -human terminologies. The excerpt is profound given that it particularly contributed to the shaping of his formative racist ideas towards others given the influence of the family discussions regarding African Americans usually in derogative and demeaning terms. Second Excerpt Secondly, the author provides an excerpt on the influence of lessons learned at school on his racist attitudes and

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