Black elk speaks and Geertz

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Name Course Tutor Date Abstract This paper first introduces us to Clifford Geertz, tells us who he is and the contributions he has made in the area of his specialization. The paper further illustrates his arguments as far as religion, and religious views are concerned. The paper then goes further and discusses the Sioux religion and practices. It goes further to discuss some of its elements as a religious practice. The paper also discusses the coming of the American colonizers. With the coming of the American colonizers, Christianity came, and the colonizers started building boarding schools. The activities of these colonizers and their interactions with the people affected the Sioux religion and practice and to some extent, lead to the destruction of the religion. The paper then shows how the impact of colonialism is still evident on the tribe especially in its spirituality and traditions to date. Finally the paper discusses the role of women in governance and making of treaties. Black Elk Speaks and Geertz Introduction Clifford Geertz is one the anthropologists with a detailed analysis of religion. He presents the claim that religion is not simply metaphysics. For the people who practice religion, whatever object they revere has a deep symbolic meaning to them. He refers to them as the “sacred symbols that function to synthesize a people’s ethos-the tone, character, and quality of their life, its moral and aesthetic style and mood… (Geertz, 89). The symbols, thus, are an impression of deep moral seriousness. Whatever the form the object is presented, it is symbolic of that which the followers are committed to and have critical implications on the

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