Birds and Mammals

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Birds and Mammals Name: Institution: Birds and Mammals Birds 1. Blue bird of paradise The blue birds of paradise are one of the most beautiful bird species. They are characterized with a blue light feather and brown tail feathers. These birds are popularly known to be found in the tropical forests such as the Papua Forest in New Guinea. Notably, scientists commonly refer to them as the paradisaea rudolphi, a scientific nomenclature given to the birds. Normally, the male blue bird of paradise has two long tails that they use to attract the females. They achieve their objective of getting the females by hanging upside down from tree branches and fan their wings (Ridgely & Tudor, 2009). 2. Bee hummingbird It is scientifically referred to as Mellisuga helenae. According to Ridgely & Tudor (2009), it is the tiniest bird living on earth, and can only be found in Cuba. The female ones are slightly larger than the males that have a glossy red-pink feather on the head, and a mixed color of blue and gray covering their plumage (Ridgely & Tudor, 2009). On the other hand, the females have their plumage covered with bluish-green and pale gray feathers. They also have outer tail feathers that are white at the tip. These birds majorly feed on nectar and insects that provide them with proteins during the breeding period. They also feed on other plants to supplement their diet. Ridgely & Tudor (2009) also assert that the birds’ favorite feeding plant is Solandra grandiflora, Chalice vine. 3. Oilbird Just like the owl, this is a nocturnal bird that is commonly found in South America. It is scientifically referred to as Steatornis caripensis, the

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